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Business Combination Valuation Reserve BCVR in accounting Assignments

Business Combination Valuation Reserve BCVR in accounting assignments are part of the consolidation accounting assignments. Under this type of assignments students are required to consolidate financial statements of two or more companies. Out of these companies one company is parent or acquirer company and other company is subsidiary or acquired company.

There are several methods of consolidation of financial statements and it is necessary to follow the correct method. While solving the assignments related to Business Combination Valuation Reserve BCVR in accounting, we ensures that correct methods are followed. Friends the case studies related to consolidation of financial statements in light of Business Combination Valuation Reserve BCVR in accounting are slightly tricky and that's why it is necessary to solve those religiously. In a survey conducted by our website we found that a majority of students are not clear about the treatment of Pre-Acqusition elimination entries and Business Combination Valuation Reserve entries. Students tend to avoid this topic as it requires knowledge of multiple AASBs / Accounting Standards such as knowledge of accounting standards for Consolidation, Business Combination, Income & Deferred Tax etc.

As for past several years we are doing the assignments related to Business Combination Valuation Reserve BCVR in accounting we are aware of the specific requirements. We prepare Business Combination Valuation Reserve BCVR in accounting; BCVR pre acquisition worksheet while solving the assignment and provide explanation for acquisition entries and ensures that cost of combination is calculated correctly. It may be noted that all our experts are trained on country specific accounting standards. So if you are seeking help for an Australian BCVR Consolidation assignment than we allocated it to a tutor who is trained in Australian accounting standards. This is very important for the students to ensure for this aspect as the accounting standards and accounting treatment varies from country to country.

Here we are presenting some tips so that you can get good command and marks while solving the BCVR accounting assignments.

  • Ensure that the end balance of BCVR & Transfers from BCVR is nil. If the balance of BCVR accounting is not nil then there is some error.
  • Correctly number the journal entries, for example journal entries for the depreciation and sale of machinery may be numbered as 2a, 2b & 2c i.e. in this sequence so that it is clear that the entries beginning from the number 2 belongs to same set of transactions.
  • Some of the Intra Group transactions may not be given in the question and you have to take the clue from the trial balance only. For example the dividend paid and payable by a wholly owned subsidiary has to be adjusted but this adjustment may not be directly asked in the question language but you have to find it out and solve for it.
  • While entering the adjustments in the worksheet you may prefer to enter the references of the journal entry number so that it is easy to trace the source of adjustment.