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Computer Network Assignment Help

It is a common belief that the computer science is a complex subject to study. It is true in some sort as when it comes to diagrams, structures, algorithms and charts, it is little difficult for the to solve complex computer network assignments. We are here to help the students for their assignment. We are having a pool of experts who enjoy solving computer network assignments.

The main reason for facing difficulties in the computer network assignments are:

  • The first and foremost reason is the lack of interest in the subject. Generally students face difficulty, as they do not like the subject.
  • When students do not like the subject they are not interest any more to do further research on the subject.
  • Students may be busy in other task and may not impart enough time for the assignments.
  • Actually part time jobs are the main reason which make it difficult for students to allocate time for the assignments.


Computer network assignment sub topics:

We are ready to work on every type of computer network assignment. The most common categories of computer network included in computer network assignment help are:

  • WAN (Wide Area Network)

This is a very important topic in computer network assignment help. It is defined as a computer network which covers a wide area that may span across several states and may even cover a whole country.

  • LAN (Local Area Network)

Computer network assignment help describe LAN as a network system which is installed in a building. The LAN is operated under single administrative system. LAN is generally used in corporate offices, schools, universities etc.

  • Internetwork

This network is commonly known as internet. This network is almost everywhere. This network system uses TCP/IP to transmit data.

  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

One of the common example of this network is cable TV network, spread across whole city. MAN takes various forms such as Token-ring, Ethernet, FDDI or ATM.

  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks)

This network is very similar to LAN, only difference is that it uses wireless technology in stead of wires. Radio and IR signals are ideal examples of WLAN.