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Eviews Assignment Help

Eviews is also known as Econometric Views. It is a Statistical software package which can be used for Estimation, Data Management, Time Sereis Forecasting, Simulation and Decision-making etc. We have a huge pool of Eviews experts, who have good hand in Eviews assignments.

The main subtopics are:

  • AR
  • ARMA
  • Correlation
  • Cross Sectional Data
  • Co-integration
  • Date Dummies, Trends and Seasonality
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Entering Data from a Spreadsheet
  • Financial analysis
  • Frequency Conversion Between Time Series Files
  • Graphical Presentations
  • Heteroskedasticity and Autocorrelation
  • In-sample/out-of-sample forecasting techniques
  • Multiple Regression Model
  • Model selection
  • Non-linear models
  • Panel Data Frequency Conversion
  • Response function analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Serial Correlation and ARMA modelling
  • Simple Time Series Regressions
  • Statistical forecasting
  • Simulation
  • Time Series Data
  • Unit roots
  • Volatility forecasting
  • Variance decomposition
  • VAR and causality