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MS project Assignment help

MS Project is a full fledged software which is used for project management. Students are provided with MS Project assignments and are required to solve the assignment. It is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the software in order to provide correct solution.

MS Project sub topics:


  • Adding Resources to the Resource Sheet
  • Applying Task Types to Produce Predictable Behavior
  • Creating and Modifying Resource Assignments
  • Creating and Modifying Deadlines
  • Creating and Modifying Constraints
  • Creating and Modifying Task Calendars
  • Creating Master Projects
  • Creating Links Between Projects
  • Calculating Single or Multiple Critical Paths
  • Changing Variables and Predicting Behavior
  • Identifying Critical Tasks
  • Introducing Resources, Assignments, and Budgeting
  • Introducing Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars
  • Introducing Resource Utilization Concepts
  • Managing Resource Availability
  • Optimizing and Leveling Resource Assignments
  • Saving and Opening Multiple Projects
  • Sharing Resources and Analyzing Resource Utilization Across Multiple Projects
  • Using Task Types and the Scheduling Formula
  • Viewing Resource Assignments, Allocation, and Utilization
  • WBS Work breakdown structure
  • Working with Task Driver